Saturday, 30 April 2011

Re-handling an Axe.

I finally got around to having a go at one of these. A friend of mine has recently moved into an old property that's not been improved for years. In the back yard is an old coal hole where the deliveries could be added via a little door that faces the path at the rear. I popped my head through and what did I see but a 1.5lb Kent pattern axe sat there waiting for me! We agreed a pint was the payment next time we meet, as he already has a shiny hatchet.

I used Robin Wood's excellent tutorial.

Head area wasn't too bad, but was a little decayed around the wedge

Off with his head, and a nice piece of Ash flattened off.

Chop chop!

All done, just used a Gransfors SFA, and my Swedish fast knife as the tools, leaving a tooled finish with a bit of a scrape with the edge to finish. Oak wedge tapped in with a baton.

And a bit of a sharpen. I'll see how it works then take it back some more maybe.

Give it a go, its very satisfying. 

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Kids new play area

Pretty much finished this now in the garden. It used to be a heavilly planted shrub bed, then I cleared it and turned it into an allotment. Then with the second child due any day now, thought I'd make a proper place for them to play, (I also get my garden back and more space in the workshop, I hope!)

So we now have a new club house with fitted carpet, big desk and chairs, with plans for the outside to have a long shelf covered with a lean to tarp, for a sand and water bucket area. It leads to to weeping willow, tree house and chicken run. Best thing is apart from the swing and trampoline and some time, it didn't cost anything. A few skip dives, other folks rubbish, some foraging and left over materials from jobs in the past.

Mind, I ache a bit now, just some painting to finish, a fence to make out of split hazel when I get some more coppiced material, and the lean to.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Bark Sheaths

Had a few more practice attempts at these and then remade the Elm bark sheath, and the birch bark one I made for the Fast knife. Think I have it sorted now as I wasn't happy just winding the bark around spiral fashion so after a bit of research I managed to figure out the weaving method.

One turn round the outside, one turn between the front loop and rear loop. The side view should explain.

The whipping knots are there just to help secure the last few turns from coming loose over time.