Saturday, 14 May 2011

Mors Kochanski Try Stick

After Kepis's post and finishing my new carving knife, thought I would have a bash.

I found my old copy of BCUK's Bushcraft Magazine with the article, and had a look though Mors's Bushcraft Book too, which is an excellent read.

My weeping willow isn't the straightest bearer of sticks but did the job ok.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

The makings of a stool

Manage to have a proper play on a pole lathe today, well one with a bungee cord.

I've had the odd 10 mins trying out the tools before but never really made anything, so I tried to make a stool leg to a particular size then thought I'd make a set to try some consistency. There a bit rough round the edges and after seasoning I might finish the edges and tenons with a knife, but I rather like them.

They're made from Ash that my mate and I felled last week, and it was split with a froe, axed to a rough round and finished on the shave horse using a Ray Iles Draw Knife.

I picked up an Adze the other day so I'm going to make a seat for it out of something nice, and scoop out some cheek sized parts, for a bit of bottom comfort.

Monday, 9 May 2011

Saved from the bin

I well and truly stuffed this one up! :o As I was knocking on the yew section it caught on the tang and pushed it out. I rushed off to the latest drama in the house and away it set.

Very cross and hovering over the wheelie-bin I caved in an kept it as I'm a sucker for a bit of polished Yew.

So I made an Oak bolster sandwich, reground the blade and made it into my own carving knife, to live with the gouge and spoon knife and kept away from nasty jobs like fitting carpets, cutting plastic and opening paint tins.