Sunday, 30 September 2012

Wille Sundqvist style eating spoon

I made one of these to practice getting the thickness's right on various areas of the spoon, and used a bent Birch section. I've been using it for puddings and breakfast and I'm really pleased with it.

I might just have to decorate this one with some chip carving and birch bark powder as I think its a keeper :)

I've some pictures of the recent festivals I've worked at  to sort out, so I'll get those posted up soon.

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Ash bark container

After gathering some nice clean Ash turning timber I decided to take the bark off of one section, as it was about as clean as it gets for a large piece. I wanted to make a quite a large container so that I could gather the cooking apples from the tree in the garden, as well as sloes, and other fruits when out and about foraging.

I used the Ray Mears Bushcraft Survival series two for the inspiration.

I just need to neaten up this end section when a little dryer as it has a tendency to be weak when still green.

Ash was used for the rim and I shaved this down on the shave horse, with Elm bark used for the stitching.

Opinel No 7 for scale.

Comments welcome, along with your stories of working with bark. Its quite time consuming gathering and working with bark, but very satisfying when things work out.

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Chopping block

Finished off a chopping block recently so I can stand more comfortably when doing a lot of work.

Its just a sycamore log, three bored holes and some Ash legs, quartered and shaped on the shave horse with a draw knife. Chainsawed in a back rest too.
I'm free to do the Fritof lunge now :)

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Kolrosed and painted spoons

Finally managed to find a couple of hours this afternoon to have a go at these two techniques of adding some decoration, to a few spoons that I made in August.

I did a little basic chip carving on the painted ones, but I was surprised how defined the kolrosing was without removing wood. Its good fun adding the oil to the powder and see what is revealed.

I wanted to develop a style, so I'm using British native trees, using winter twig, leaf, cone and catkin with an Ogham symbol of the tree. With the exception of the Holly one, the woods of the spoons match the tree symbols

This is my makers mark from now on with wood and leather.
 I'll stick with my old "A" stamp and 3 dots on the corners when working in metal, as I like the recycling theme, but I'd like to get one made the same as this one soon.

Hope you like my first efforts.